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Hosting The Journey - Rob Alex, Ph.D. 
  •  Ph.D. in Metaphysical Sciences from the University of Metaphysical Sciences.  
  •  Amazon Bestselling Author / Motivational Speaker / Relationship Coach
  •  Open Minded and Accepting of things not understood
  •   Ready to Grasp new and exciting ideas.   

The Temple of Positive Energy is an open forum where all believes and ideas are welcome.  Only you can know the experiences or feelings that you have had in your life, so it we are not here to judge but to share.   There is so much out there that we don't know and this is a place where we are not looking for answers but embracing the questions.   

Join Us As We Search Out Secrets To Open Our Mind, Body and Spiritual Connection
Experiencing the Spiritual World
The Spiritual World is amazing, it allows you to connect not only with yourself but with the past and the future.   Together we will discuss and compare experiences to expand our minds to the spiritual possibilities
Metaphysical Connections
The energy of metaphysics has always fascinated  me.  From Meditation to energy work metaphysics has a way of working into our live in the most amazing ways.   
Preparing for
 Unknown Knowledge
The world is full of unknown knowledge.  There are so many things we can't explain with science or imagination.   UFO's, Cryptids, ghost are all things that most of us have never experienced but have an unknown knowledge about.   

The Temple of Positive Energy Videos

You Are Amazing So Stop Trying to be Perfect

People try to hard to fit in a mold and be like everyone else, the perfection is not being perfect in having flaws that make you who you are. We all make errors and mistakes and those are some of the greatest lessons we learn in life. Perfection is not reachable so stop trying to reach it and enjoy who you are and what you have to offer the world.
Are Mistakes Spiritual?

Are mistakes purely accidents that happen to us due to lack of attention? Or, could mistakes be a spiritual correction sent by a divine power? Think about the mistakes that have lead you to a better solution or experience, these are the prime examples of my thoughts that mistakes are more spiritual in nature.
Get Off You Ass and Meditate

Meditation is usually considered best done by sitting in silence and cleaning your mind. Well, join us as we discuss that many people can't meditate this way and that by doing activity allows them to reach a meditative state. How do you meditate? Maybe you will think of it differently after watching this video.
You Can't Judges Other Peoples Experiences

We are so easy to ridicule people that have different experiences than we do. Laughing at them when they talk about ghosts, UFO's, Bigfoot, etc and yes some of these stories could be made up, but we are silly to think we know everything and are quick to judge because we have never had that experience. Check out this video and see how you can better relate to others and appreciate their experiences.
Soul Connections

Have you ever felt just a deep connection with someone from the very first time you met them? Are there certain celebrities that have you a fondness for? Maybe, specific musicians that you just love everything they put out, or sports stars, artists, actors etc that you just feel a deep connection with. Well, these soul connections are what we are going to take about today in this video.
The Zen of Pizza

Pizza one of my favorite foods but it can be so different every time your order it. So many different toppings but it still falls under the label of pizza. The same goes for people we can all be different but we are all still people. While a pizza can be only cheese, or maybe pepperoni, or even have artichokes on it, the sauce can even be Alfredo or BBQ sauce but it is still pizza. People in the same manner can have different toppings, our skin can be a different color, our sexual preference can be different, our spirituality can be very different but we are all still people and we should learn to love and accept our differences instead to hating each other for differences. You don't hate pizza for being different do you???
The Energy of the Crowd

I know not everyone likes crowds but there is an energy that comes along with them. Be it when you go to see your favorite band, sports team, artist, or show, there is an energy that comes with being part of that crowd. Think about a concert you have been too where everyone is singing along with the band on stage, how great does that feel, even though you might not know the 20,000 people singing with you! You are part of that experience and let me tell you that is some of the best energy you can soak up. Check out this video and see my views on the energy of the crowd.
We can Forever Judge Every Choice We Make, But Why?

There is a reaction to ever decision we make in our life, but because we cannot choose all choices at once we are forever to wonder what would have happened if we made a different choice. So many look for the negative in our choices that they never see all the positive that comes out of that choice and they fixate on that they made the wrong choice. I am not sure the choice even matters but it is the dedication to the choice that matters. We can find good and bad in all things, we can spend our lives searching for the negative, but it is time to break that cycle.
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